trade idea shenanigans

What's up guys? I hate that the best start to a Saints season ever is being sullied by the issues with the way the Hornets are playing. I'm really not liking the way the pieces are fitting right now. Mek and D West are not in sync, and Mek will never be the type of defensive player that Tyson was (not worse just different). West needs a space eater in the middle who can cover the pick and roll and recover on weakside d to cover some of his slowfootedness on D. Emeka can't really do that. He is more of a solid, shot blocker/ man defender. Also, Mek can't run like Tyson, and neither can D West so we never get fast break oppurtunities. I still think the move needed to be made because of the issues with tyson.

Also, like everybody realizes, we don't have shooters at the wing position anymore which is killing us.

That being said, trade ideas are always fun, so let's give it a whirl.

Trade D West and Posey plus cash for Kevin Martin and Freddie Garcia

Trade Peja and a pick for Andre Kirilenko

That gives us:

His CP3ness/ Collison

K Mart/ Thornton/ Brown

Garcia/ Juju/ Peterson

AK47/ Diogu/ Songalia

Mek/ Hilt/ Marks

We get the first legitimate 2 since the Hornets have been in New Orleans. Sacto gets the best 4 that they have had since C Webb, and Utah gets picks and some necessary cap space.

With these pickups the Hornets will be able to do 3 things they currently cannot do 1) capitalize on CP's dribble penetration with open 3 pointers 2) run 3) play pick and roll d. Kevin Martin is something special, even with his injury issues he is still MORE then worth his salary. Also, folks on this site know that I love me some Freddie Garcia. Also, if we ever made the move that I've been pleading for (getting Diop), we could play an absolutely ginourmous second unit

6'7 Garcia

6'8 Juju

6'9 AK

6'10 Meka

7 Diop

or a small uber quick second unit



K Mart



The down side of this move is that it would essentially kill this year. Both Martin and Garcia are injured and won't be back for months. We would have to rely on Mo and Juju on the wings.

For Sacto, getting D West allows them to play Jason Thompson at his natural center position. And Dwest gets anthoer mobile big to cover for him on pick and roll d. Evans is a 2. His last few games with Sacremento have highlighted this.

As for Utah, this move allows them to move Korver at the trade deadline for just cash. He makes less than 6 mill, so if sold to a team with cap room halfway through the year, Utah can just pay a team 3 million to take him off of their hands for cap space.