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Game 6: Hive Live

Toronto 107 (3-2) | New Orleans 90 (2–4)

Oof. That wasn't pretty.

The game was actually pretty close throughout the first half, but then the Raptors (who are the third highest scoring team this year) went bananas in the second half, shooting almost sixty percent and draining what felt like an endless barrage of threes (they finished with 14 to our 6... but they made theirs 50% of the time to our 30%). Credit the Raptors for shooting so well, but don't forget to thank the Hornet's new defensive scheme called "the sieve."

But seriously, though we did look pretty helpless on defense, the Raptors were simply on fire. For instance, there were several series where Emeka played Bosh really well on D giving him no space and always getting a hand in his face during shots. But Bosh seemed to sink every one of his shots anyway. And when I say every one, I mean every one. Bosh was a perfect 10 for 10 on the night (including a trey) and also managed 8 for 11 from the stripe. The guy was an absolute beast.

Our offense, on the other hand, looked so ineffective on the court that I was surprised when I looked at the box score and saw that we shot 48% from the field. If we could just cut down on the turnovers and play something that resembles defense once in a while, we might actually start winning games. You know, like in a row.

Bullets after the jump.


  • Your daily "Holy crap, Chris Paul!" line: 21 points (on 60% shooting), 7 boards, 18 assists, 2 steals, 1 turnover in only 36 minutes. And it was all for naught.
  • No other Hornet had a line worth sharing.
  • Score for the third quarter: Toronto 34, New Orleans 14.
  • Turkoglu and Bargnani shot a combined 7 for 14 from deep. And here I was getting all excited that Emeka could shoot from outside the paint.
  • We shot 62% from the line last night. Ordinarily, I 'd say you have to step up a bit more than that to win games, but the Raptors finished with 65%... so now I'm just confused.
  • The Hornets managed to get in the bonus with 5:30 or so to play in the second. So did we take advantage and attack the basket knowing we'd likely come out with a high percentage shot or free throws on most possessions or did we only make it to the line once (on a questionable Bargnani foul on Chris)? Think hard before you answer.
  • Bobby Brown once again sank half of his shots (finishing with 16 points), but his shot selection continues to be pretty poor (especially from deep). I keep going hot and cold on the guy... but then I end up staying hot because I remember the Mike James era.
  • Dear James Posey, I know you landed your big fat contract and all, but it'd be really nice if you pretended to work that money. The lazy play and stupid fouls are getting really old, especially from a guy who was supposed to be the "glue" that held us all together. Thanks.
  • Quick bit of trivia for you. On February 5, 1977 Pistol Pete Maravich scored a career high 68 points in a game against the New York Knicks. His total could have been higher though, as Pete fouled out of the game. You know who blew the whistle on his 6th foul? Dick Bavetta. Who called the game last night. Holy crap. (Special thanks to Curry for this little tidbit).
  • Finally, I'm sure you're all aware of George Shinn's recent diagnosis of prostate cancer. I'm sure I speak for all us in wishing him a speedy recovery. For those of you who feel inclined to do a little more than wish, may I suggest Movember. For the month of November, this group is encouraging men everywhere to grow mustaches to raise awareness about prostate cancer (and collect donations). 

Composed to: Crowded House's Woodface

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