kevin martin to hornets idea?

OK i forgot how to make a fanpost, and this is going to be very quick..

im mad at byron scott for not being a motivational speaker to the players. not a sign of a good leader.

i know our wings are a question mark but i have a quick fix( in paper) for what seems to be a weak link for the hornets....

next year, the hornets will have a lot of expiring contracts. and I mean A LOT. what i would like to happen is the following..

trade mo pete and darius songaila for kevin martin...

now what would our team look like?

paul || collison

martin || brown or thornton

wright || peja

west || posey

okafor || diogu

and we can still trade peja for a BIG MAN( maybe 7'0? hahah were a small team) and slide posey to 3, diogu to 4..

we'd still have marks for 3rd string big man. thornton for injured swing man... just a thought. comments on kevin martin fitting hornets.