Clearly this team is in a state of confusion. They have no identity on any part of the game, and I believe that has a lot to do with the coaching of this team. I would like to present a few options that may get us a step closer to becoming a better team. While most of this is unlikely as George Shinn is a failure as an owner, I can still fantasize right?

  • First and foremost we must fire Byron Scott to give our guys enough time to learn a new system that hopeful replacement Rob Werdann or Robert Pack would place
  • I would try to find some potential trade partners for guys like Jim Posey (I call him Jim now because he's only a shell of the player he used to be, so it's not really fair to call him by a name he no longer truly plays to), Morris Peterson, and David West. Now the reason I threw West in there is because we have Ike Diogu who has proven when he has starters minutes, he can play huge on offense, defense, and in the rebounding department. Ike is still young and has a much upside as anyone in the NBA.
  • Now if i was to trade David West I'd look to get as much value for him as I could possibly get. I'd definitely try to get an atheltic 2 guard that can play or a true center (Sam Dalembert?) and Meka Tron could move to a better suited PF spot. Heck maybe try to get both! Don't get me wrong, I love DWest, but he doesn't play defense and if he's not hitting that midrange jumper then he will struggle for points all night.
  • Some guys I'd be looking at for trade would be Thaddeus Young, Samuel Dalembert, Andris Biedrins, Kelenna Azubuike, and A.I. (mainly as a stop-gap until Thornton is ready)
  • Next I would bench Bobby Brown and put Collison in. Collison is more a true point guard, Bobby Brown plays like a ball hogging shooting guard in the body of a PG, therefore he is no PG.
  • After I did that, I'd let Marcus Thornton fight for a starting job. A guy with this much potential shouldn't be rotting away on the bench, he needs to be getting live reps.
  • I would also get Darius Songaila much more involved. This guy is a chippy guy who can play the 3,4, or 5. I'm not sure exactly what Scott has been using him as in his offensive schemes, but it's not suiting him. Get Songaila on the block or let him post up, he plays down low, not it the grey area where Scott has placed him.
  • Next, I'd MAKE Julian Wright get involved. All too often he becomes completely invisible in games, and thats not what starters do. Now I'm willing to put much of this on Scott's misuse of Julian in his position on the court, but he needs to get more involved. I'd work diligently on working up plays to get him free in the lane, ready for the lob and slam. Not to mention, he has been nailing open shots unlike some people *cough*Bobby Brown, Jim Posey, Morris Peterson, David West*cough*. Woo, ahem, must've swallowed a fly right there.
  • And the last adjustment I'd make is to yell at Hilton whenever he's on the floor at all times, just to remind him to keep his head in the game. If he could somehow manage to put it together this guy could be sooooooo good. I'd also tell him to stop taking jumpshots, even if they are open, because that's really just not his thing.

So with all of that being said I would like to make a dream depth chart!

Point Guard!: The Great, Goodly, and Godly 6 Footer, out of Wake Forest, Number 3, CHRIS PAUL!, spelled by Darren Collison, replaced by only in an emergency Bobby Brown

Shooting Guard!: The New Orleans Native and "Young" Gunner THADDEUS YOUUUUUNG! (or Kelenna Azubuike!), backed up by the other Louisiana Native Marcus Thornton!, backed up by Devin Brown(!?)

Small Forward!: The Feisty Slam Jammin, Shot Shootin, Rotin Tootin Julian Wright!, followed by your 6th man of the year candidate, The Serbian Assassin, PEJA STOJACAVIC!

Power Forward!: Making a recent switch in position, at 6-10 out of Conneticutm the Nigerian Nuke Bomb, EMEKA OKAFOR!!!, followed by Ike Diogu!, followed by Darius Songaila!

Center!: The newest big man on the block in the BIG Easy, the Haitian Sensation SAMUEL DALEMBERT!, followed by Hilton Armstrong, and Sean Marks

And standing at 6-11, 240 pounds out of St. John's University, your new head coach, ROB WERDANN!


...oh how I would love to hear that at the beginning of every home game...

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