What the Hornets have to do to do better than an eighth seed

Trade Posey and Julian wright for Stephen Jackson

This would make New orleans a contender for probably the fifth or sixth seed, and make sure they don't lose to NY

Jackson can shoot pass defend and is very versatile.

When he is motivated he can produce like an all star, and playing with CP3 would definitely motivate him.

This team has so few passers on the roster and CP3 is arguably the best but the Hornets need another playmaker and Stack can dish 3-6 assists that would help this team a lot

He can also score he is a fantastic three pointshooter and he is average player when it comes to driving to the rim

Jackson can take pressure off CP3 teams will have a hard time defending those two

CP3's passing will only make im better

Also this will drasticsally improve their scoring without having to give up on defense

You have a great scorer and passer in Cp3 and then you have a great passer and above average three point shooter in Jack, and a great 3 pt scorer in Peja, you have a talented inside scorer in David West, and you have a guy who can put up 13-14 a night in Emeka.

Then there is the defense

You have 3 above average defenders in CP3 Jackson, and Okafor i do't know much about west's defense

The keys to success

CP3 produces like a superstar

Jackson keeps his mood swings to a minimum and dishes at least 4 scores at least 15 and steals 1 a game and grabs at leat 4 boards

All Peja has two do is make threes and play at least 50-60 games if possible

West needs to keep scoring, play defense, and improve rebounding

Emeka needs to play a Ben Wallace role doing all the dirty work(rebounding, blocking shots etc) while scoring efficiently and consistently at least 13 at a high of 16

give Diogu a chance Chris Paul can help him, giving him minutes raises his confidence and lets him show he can score rebound and defend he is pretty good if you let him play.

The bench has to produce they don't have to be good, just not bad

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