I hate when people compare Isiah Thomas and Magic Johnson to Chris Paul as if they are equally skilled. I think Chris Paul is overrated and is actually not that great of a player. Many of the greatest players in NBA history have been players that have carried their team to a championship. Chris Paul has shown us for four years straight that he is not capable of taking his team to the finals. He needs to work on his three point shooting and shots under pressure. He has proven himself to not be a clutch player and relies on other teammates to make game winning shots. Also, they are not systematic players such as Chris Paul. You could have put Jordan on any team and I guarentee he would've taken them to the championship within four years. Can Chris Paul play for any team, except the Hornets, and still produce similar stats?


Chris Paul is the type of player that fits into a certain style of basketball. The style of basketball that the Hornets play is similar to street ball because they set one screen and hope that someone is open. If not they are often seen playing one on one basketball. Chris Paul is a perfect fit for this type of basketball because he is a young player who loves to shoot and make flashy plays. His assist per game can be extremely misleading to someone who does not watch him play regularly. Chris Paul is a ballhogg and since he loves to dribble he often gets double teamed, it is then that he contemplates whether to shoot or pass. I have witnessed many situations where Chris Paul has shot the ball with two opponents defending him. The only reason he averages 11 apg is because Tyson Chandler is a great finisher. Many players in the NBA are not capable of jumping over there opponents head to slam dunk all over them. If Chris Paul played for a championship team like the Spurs, Cavs or Lakers would he still be considered a great point guard?


First off he would have to share the ball which may be his biggest problem. Second, most championship teams are not known for their fast break points but instead for there half court offensive skills. This style of play is not familiar to Chris Paul and would result in a decline of his stats. I have noticed Chris Paul has a hard time scoring once the defense has set up, because it becomes harder for him to penetrate to the goal or throw an alley oop to Chandler.

These are just some things to consider before you compare CHRIS PAUL TO THE GREATS!!!!

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