If you really want a salary dump

The hornets have spent too much and planned too little. Signing Peja was a bad idea even three years ago. He is a puzzle piece on a championship caliber team, not a star but a role player now. James Posey too, but when we got him we thought he was that piece, and spent too much money on an aging veteran. My proposition is this:

Peja is going to make more than CP3 this year, and an additional 14.2 million dollars next year, Posey is going to make 19 milllion in the next three years when he and peja will be 32,33,and 34 at the end with 0 trade value. Lets dump them off when we have the chance this year and we will save 19 million this year and save 46 million dollars altogether which will be going into their pockets. Note that neither of them have an option on their deal. Trade those 2 vets and go below the luxury tax while Julian Wright and Marcus Thornton get the experience they need. Trade them to a contender who will need one more piece, say Hawks or 76ers who will have the space to take these guys on.


I just think that getting rid of the old role players and getting the cap space off the books to sign some young draft picks is what we need right now. Only way Paul is going to stay is if we surround him with some young, promising talent instead of old, fragile players who miss 20 games a year.