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Hornets Fire Byron Scott

Looks like the move has been made, and will be officially announced later today, per ESPN.

More analysis of the firing should follow, but for now, this million word piece is just as applicable now as it was in May.

These were my thoughts back then:

In my mind, the best option is to roll the dice on Scott. Hang on to him, regain some health, field a solid defense, allow good and healthy players to self-correct some offensive shortcomings, and hope the front office can draft a solid rookie to Scott's liking. Byron has his flaws, but in an offseason promising to be among the most turbulent the franchise has ever seen, a little stability can go a long way.

And a 3-6 start hasn't exactly changed my mind. More than anything, this firing seems like a "light a fire under the players" sort of deal. Will it work? I doubt it; firing Scott isn't nearly as imperative as finding a new coach.