CP vs. Rondo

With respect to the recent "spat" between the two players, we have to understand where Rondo is coming from and where CP is coming from.

With respect to Rondo, you have to understand that whenever people talk about the Celtics, they always talk about the "Big 3". As if Rondo is some bit player in their show. Fact is that without Rondo, they wouldn't have won a championship 2 years ago, or made it as far as they did last year when Rondo was a constant triple double threat every playoff game. People easily forget that when the Big 3 came together in Boston, point guard was considered the weak link of the Celtics and there was a ton of pressure for Rondo to just be at least adequate. Fact is that Rondo blew by all the expectations that were put on him. He's much better than people expected and has been a key piece of Celtics' championship squad. Rondo feels understsndably frustrated that people still refer to the Celtics as the story of the "Big 3". This comes it when he plays a top point guard like CP. That's the background of why Rondo might have acted like that.

With respect to CP, he feels, perhaps rightfully, that he is a player of destiny but he is not yet convinced whether the players around him are of a caliber where he can go to the Championship. This is frustrating CP and this season will really test CP's patience--especially if the Hornets can't play as consistently well as he would like. It's not the first time that CP has commented about the supporting players surrounding on of his competitors at point guard. Remember in the Denver series last year, CP said in frustration that Denver has better players "at every position". This was during a time that Denver played much better than the Hornet while he was having his head to head matchup against Billups. This memory is still raw in his mind and last night it came out during the game against the Celtics when he was matched up against Rondo.

So each player's actions and reactions are quite understandable considering their histories and current positions.

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