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Hornet Lose to Celtics: A Visual Recap

/Pregame, teams warming up in shootaround

3061_medium"Hey, psst. Bobby. Over here."

4525_medium "Oh hi coach!! You see 30 Rock las-"

3061_medium"Yo cool it. A little closer.. there you go. Got a special assignment for you."


3061_medium"Yeah. You know, we haven't been getting it done this season. New game plan tonight. Basically, it's all gonna come down to you. It's on you Bobby. You against the Celtics. You against the world."

4525_medium"Me against the world."

3061_medium"You against the world."

/Their eyes interlock. Time and space stand still.

3721_medium"Hey, what's going on guys!"

3061_medium4525_medium"Oh... hi David! Um, nothing! Nothing! Why would anything be going on?"

3721_medium"Just trying to be friendly.."

3721_medium/Moves off to the side, practices scowl

3061_medium"That was close. Off to the bench now Bobby, or the game will be up!"

/The Game begins.


3061_medium"Bobby! We're in trouble! Get in there!"

4525_medium/Bricks shot
4525_medium/Hits top of backboard

/Hornets call timeout

8879_medium"Yo coach, sup. What up, what's the deal here."
3061_medium"Don't worry about it."

4525_medium/Loses ball

3061_medium"Boo ya"
4525_medium/Clangs off back iron

3061_medium"This what they came to see"

4525_medium/Hoists 30 footer with 20 seconds on the shot clock

8879_medium"Yo COACH"



4525_medium/Bad Pass

/Hornets lose

8879_medium/attempts to follow Celtics into locker room to switch teams

4525_medium"Me against the world."