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The Case Against Stephen Jackson

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Marc Stein included this little snippet in his Stack Jax rumor column:

New Orleans, by contrast, would appear to have a clear and growing need for Jackson’s scoring threat and swagger from the wing, especially if you’re making judgments based on the mere 20 combined points managed by Morris Peterson, Julian Wright, Peja Stojakovic and James Posey in the Hornets’ season-opening loss at San Antonio. Yet it remains to be seen whether the Hornets will firmly enter the bidding for Jackson, who, remember, has a three-year contract extension worth nearly $28 million that kicks in after this season.

For now, it seems pure speculation. But despite Stein's claims to the contrary, the Hornets in no shape or form need Jackson's "scoring threat or swagger," mostly because the scoring threat was always greatly exaggerated.

Jackson is 31 years old; he's scheduled to make 10 million+ at age 34. He's not a particularly stout defender. He plays for the one coach in the league who wouldn't immediately bench him for his shot selection. He's never particularly been good at involving teammates, other than an anomalous 2007-2008. He can create his own shot, but last year's 2.1 FTA/36 (half his career rate) is very, very ominous (thanks, Caleb). He's an extremely lazy rebounder. And oh yeah, he's completely insane.

The Hornets probably never did nor ever will look into Jackson, and that's best for all involved.