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Mo-Pete Will Start, Folks

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Morris Peterson has started the first two preseason games at shooting guard, scoring 16 points on 13 shots, including 5 for 9 on threes. Now, granted the preseason means absolutely nothing... but the rest of the Hornets' presumed starters (minus the injured Okafor) all started. So I assumed that Mo being out there was just a confirmation of his starting role.

The Times-Pic didn't portray it in as certain a light today, with their article "Mo-Pete Fighting To Retain Starting Spot."

The overall premise is that with Peja Stojakovic's move to the SG position, it's a three horse race between Mo, Peja, and Marcus Thornton.

Now I'm all for job competition and all that... but let's be honest here. Are Peja or Marcus going to guard Kobe Bryant? Tracy McGrady? Manu Ginobili? Kevin Martin? Dwayne Wade?

It's not official, but it's kinda official.