Julian Wright

Hey Hivers -

When I found out writing my game preview that Julian Wright has been on the inactive list, I was shocked.  I guess maybe I should have known that already, but it's one of those things you don't notice about the 'other' teams until you look a little more closely.  Yeah, I watched some of the Hornets-Lakers last week, but it didn't watch every minute to the point where I said "hey, where's JuJu?" 

Anyway, I wrote a FanPost on ClipsNation about the subject that you might find interesting.  Here's the gist: 

Julian Wright, taken one position ahead of Al Thornton in the good and deep 2007 draft, has spent over a month mostly on the inactive list although he is perfectly healthy.  We're talking about a 21 year old freak of an athlete, and he played a total of 32 minutes in December.  Compare that to 33-year-old journeyman Sean Marks, who played 133 minutes in December.  Unconscionable.

The post goes on and on from there.  I tend to be a little wordy.  If you're interested and you have the time check it out.

See you at the game tonight.