more trade options

The game against the Lakers last night was incredible, but we still have to make some moves in order to compete for a chip. Here are a few players who Ithink could work well for us, and a trade at the end that I think would be incredible but would never happen.

Trade 1 is  Reggie Evans for MoPete. The sixers are in desperate need of a three point shooter and reggie only gets 13 minutes a game, so he's just a role player. Reggie has no offensive output but he is quite simply one of the top rebounders in the association. He is also an excellent, tough defender who would give our bench even more toughness. I have been really impressed with Hilton's play as of late, but he is just not a rebounder. The problem is even worse when Hilton is guarding a post player with the ball, because our other bigs are even worse in this area. It would also be nice to have another post defender so that Hilton could roam a bit and pick up more blocks. Reggie is undersized but he has some bulk that prevents him from being pushed around and he is a good post defender. He also doesn't blow defensive asignments. This trade would necessitate us getting anouther wing, preferably a score which brings me to...

Trade #2 Julian Wright for Rashad McCants. I likemost everyone else love Juju, but he just isn't getting any burn. Shaddy gives us a wing who can score from outside, drive, and post up. He also has learned to increase his foul drawing rate as well. Unforutnately scoring is his main assett and he still has to learn some things on the defensive end. I argue though that this kid is in a Corey Dillon/ Randy Moss mold. Its funny to me how many players with attitude problems all of a sudden become model citizens when they get traded to a winner. Also, Byron realizes that he needs a 2 who can score points, and he got acclimated to Bonzi, and gave Mike James a chance, neother known for their defense or their character. Shaddy has also had a rough year, but I think he will get out of the slump, and even if he doesnt his numbers are on par with Jannerro's but with fewer turnovers. Also his defensive shortcomings would be covered by having 4 other good defenders on the court, much like what happens with Peja. Also, people  don't say this often but Shaddy is really smart. He understands the game which you can tell by hiis cuts and angles, and the many ways he knows how to score, so I think he would pick things up relatively quickly given his age and the complexity of the system. Bonzi did, and I think Shaddy would be even better at it.

These trades also work well because we could re sign Shaddy who is a free agent next year with the extra money saved by trading Mo. Reggie is a million bucks cheaper, so we'd be able to offer Shaddy a starting salary of 3.7 which isn't alot but giving the economy probably the best he'll get. Also, (and this is stupid but still) Shaddy dates Kim Kardaishian's sister, and I'm sure his ole lady would like to escape the frozen north and chill with her sister in the big easy.

Trade 3 I also think Juju or a first and MoPete would allow us to go after Nick Collison or Joe Smith. Nick would be able to play the 4 or 5 though hes a natural 4. Joe is a good vet who alot of teams should be after. Nick might be more gettable because I doubt that OKC would trade a 3 year contract for a 1 year contract. Also, both of these guys have had down years this year.

Trade 4 Rasual for Willie Green. Rasual has played well this year, but he duplicates services we already have. Willie Green is as scrappy slasher with a scorer's mentality. Something we don't have.

Trade 5 These next two won't happen but they are my favorite. Trade 5 Samuel Dalembert for Peja Stojackovic. This goes back to  the sixers desperately needing a 3 point shooter. Meet the best 3 point shooter in the game. And he would be surrounded by athletic defenders who would mask his flaws. Two of our biggest changes between this is versus last is our cut in rebounding rate, and dip in defense. Dalembert is also one of the best rebounder in the league and he would gives us a great shot blocking, defending presence on the bench. We could get away with giving him and tyson time together for about 5 minutes a game, just enough time to give him 20 minutes a game.  His presence would also allow us to let Tyson play more single man to man coverage on post scorers. It also relieves him of pressure and just lets him go out and play because he doesn't have to worry about getting the team in trouble if he gets early fouls. Dalembert is also cheaper then Peja.

Trade 6 Mo Pete, and Julian or Hilt and maybe a first for Corey Maggette. I know I know, Corey is a selfish player who doesnt play d and who gets injured often. But the guy is an amazing scorer who draws fouls, something we don't do. He also would be masked by 4 defenders. He would slow down the game which is what we like anyway, and it would give the starters even more rest, (slower game means more real minutes go by during gametime) keeping CP fresh for the fourth. It would also allow us to start Posey with Rasual, which I really like the idea of. That is an amazing defensive squad which would give alot of teams problems.

I know these last two are impossible, but the others are doable. Also the big trades would mess the rotation too much, and would probably take too long for everyone to get comfortable this year. But the other moves wouldn't effect us in the same way, because our scoring wing would probably run alot of iso (like Bonzi did) and our backup post play has been so atrocious that any change wiht a compitent vet would be an improvement. Thoughts?