dreaming in fairyland - trades and stuff

hi i am new here at the hive and a hornets fan outside of US, but i still read a lot of blogs bout the hornets. here goes my first fan post...

pls free JuJu! i am lamenting with all of you about the lack of PT that JuJu is receiving. Free JuJu!


and about our back up big men, everybody is talking about hilton's lack of rebounding so i have a lot of suggestions on my mind, comments are welcome.

First, cant we get amir and walter from detroit? i played around with the trade machine and we can get them by using mo pete and either devin, ely or marks. we would get a big man who can shoot from the outside and a rebounder shot blocker. although i doubt pistons would agree.

We can also target Ike Diogu from Portland. Undersized but has a knack for positioning for rebounds with his big body. Also has a nice touch around the rim, complements Hilton well( Hilton for D, Ike for O).


Can't we be part of the Mike Miller talks?

Lastly, is there anyway that we can get Sean Williams? I know getting another young athletic forward doesnt suit Byron's mind but its great if he realizes his potential with CP3s leadership. just dreaming of things.


if i can just dream, we get ike diogu using our three most inefficient players( brown, ely and marks). then we trade mo pete and rasual for mike miller.

we'd be rolling a lineup of

paul, miller, peja, west, chandler

daniels, juju, posey, diogu, armstrong

we can then sign courtney sims( i think his contract already ended) to a 10 day contract and/or coby carl, hendrix, (strawberry) blablabla....

although this would seriously destroy the chemistry, with butler out, at least we upgraded.

anyway, its nice to dream!:D