Anyone who watched LSU hoops last year, or likes/dislikes the Warriors, I have a post for you.

I'm a Dubz fan with a simple question. What do you think of Anthony Randolph? He probably won't see very much playing time for us, and we really don't need him to, but if he's really good he'll get playing time. Nellie loves his skillset and sees him playing a point forward type of roll, plus he destroyed in the summer league. So your thoughts would help, I've yet to see him play.

I also have tix to opening night, we play y'all. I was looking forward to Monta vs CP3, but now I have a feeling my boy Andris vs Chandler is going to be a hella crucial matchup. Andris had 30p and 22r in 35 mins in euro basket for Latvia this week. Plus he has a jumpshot now, and Chandler is Chandler. Also where do you see the W's in the west? Dont say behind Den and the Clipps, its simply untrue. Most people are underestimating this team, but they'll be in the hunt for the 8th spot. Thoughts?

I'd also like to send my regards and best wishes to all you down there in the south. I was relieved to see Gustav miss N.O. I have a friend in that city, I have friends from that city, and I've been there. Its a great town with great people and great food. And after Katrina you folks don't need anymore of that noise. Especially since it appears no one in the government cares about you. It could be that you dont have many business that contibute to the heads in Washington, or it could be all the black and poor people, government hates them. Anyway, I hope those of you who don't live in or around N.O. especially in Baton Rouge, cause I believe they got hit(could be wrong), are also holding up ok, stay strong, the Bay has your back.