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Hornets 2008-2009 Schedule Released

Here are my initial impressions, more complaining sure to follow. Also check out The Official.

  • 13 national TV games- not bad, not bad. But only one ABC game? And that too, on the last weekend of the season? Seriously?
  • We have one of our most brutal Aprils in recent memory... Golden State, LA Clippers, Miami, Utah, Phoenix, Dallas, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.
  • As mentioned earlier, the second Christmas game this year will be New Orleans-Orlando. L.A.-Boston will be on ABC, while we get TNT.
  • There's a home and away with Oklahoma City on November 21st and 22nd. The Hornets will make their return to the Ford Center for the first time in a little bit and face off against Kevin Durant and Co. Oddly,'s schedule lists the home game as "Seattle."
  • The schedule also says we play Milwaukee on February 27th... at Amway Arena, Orlando? Huh? That can't be right...
  • February 20th versus the Lakers at Staples on ESPN. I'm already pumped for that. Andrew Bynum, Tyson Chandler will take you down!
  • The season closes with the Advanced Version of the Texas Triangle- @Dallas, Dallas, @Houston, @San Antonio. The national media might have stopped hating on us, but the schedule makers? That's just evil. Oh, and by the way, we get 2 days of rest between those 4 games. Yeah.