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Hive Drive ~ Midsummer Summary


Of course the major recent news for the Hornets has to be the very recent sign and trade of Mike James for Ben Gordon hardly a couple of hours ago. Read the breaking news right now if you (for some insane reason) have not yet seen it. But let's go over the other summer news before we get in too much depth about that.

1) Let me begin by being the 4,974th person to welcome James Posey to the team. When I was watching the Finals, seeing James Posey hitting threes off the bench made me wonder how awesome it would be if he was on the Hornets. About a month after that, "Hornets reportedly dealing with Posey" showed up on the headlines. And finally, two weeks later James "The Posey" Posey signed for 25 mil for 4 years. I know a lot has been said about it being a large sum of money, but James is surely worth the cash. We all know the Hornets weak spot is the bench, and Posey has proven himself to be a consistent back-up for two championshp teams. He scores, he plays D, and he rains threes. Perfect.

2) Hornets sign Jeremey Pargo for 5yrs, 35mil. Okay fine, I'll stop now. But while we're on topic of the Pargo Bros., now that we've spent all that money on Posey, I think the chances of resigning big bro Jannero are quite high. Pargo did take a lot of shots to get hot (read one of atthehive's stat % things which no one understands), but he did provide some of the only energy off the bench for the Bees last year; something I think is worth saving. Jannero seems to be a great backup for CP3, seeing as how he can also play the 2 alongside Paul. We'll see if the Hornets have any other plans for the backup PG or if Mike James might actually play next year.

3) Did you know if you semi-reverse Morris Peterson, he becomes Peter Morrison?

4) If you have been blind to all that's been going on on this website, you would have missed atthehive's 14 trillion posts about Chris Paul in the Olympic games. Which would have been a pity because he does have a Kidd-Paul-Williams play-by-play analysis and an extremely long preview for each game. In a better, briefer summary, Chris and Deron are fighting for a point guard slot, which for some inane reason is 2nd string to Jason Kidd. Why? No one knows. In the larger, less selfish scope of things, Team USA is pretty much winning everything in the Olympics. More importantly, however, Chris Paul had a really nice 'oop to Dwayne Wade against Lithuania. 

I hope Ben Gordon plays well for the Hornets *WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE*