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Hive Drive ~ 8/15


1) If you have not heard about the Spanish team photo controversy, here was the picture that started it. In my opinion, the players aren't stretching their eyes at all; they look more like they're trying to imitate some kind of telepathic aliens. But now that the Spanish national team has apologized and said they did not know the implications of posing fotr such a photo, your favorite starting point guard on Team USA, Jason Kidd did bring up an interesting point about possible double standards within the NBA. He basically says that if a USA player did that, they would be thrown out with possible suspensions coming. Anyways, read the Wojroansiawskiwasodjkski article on it if you're interested in disliking the standards David Stern sets.

2) Yeah, anyways, moving on to atual important news, without global racist implications, the Hornets reacquired Ryan Bowen. [Update: and officially lost Jannero Pargo]. I was pretty happy with that decision, Bowen has proven to be a great rebounder and defender. Hopefully he stays on that same note and continues the good hustle he provides off the bench.

3) Speaking of which, there a few interesting things going on about the Hornets trying to help the bench. Now that we have resigned Bowen, our bench reads as follows: James, Posey, Bowen, Ely, Armstrong, and Julian Wright. Of course, you could add in Rasual Butler, but I think we all know the chances of him playing are extremely slim, unless Byron Scott has been saving him as some sort of secret weapon for next year. The Hornets have shown interest in Devin Brown and Devean George. Brown has a nice jumper, especially from beyond the arc. However, George did have the block of the year.

4) A date and time were announced for the unveiling of the new Hornets jerseys, so if you invent a time machine, make sure you check this event out first. Hopefully some brave fan sneaked out with pictures.

Date: Wednesday, August 20, 2008 
Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm 
Location: French Quarter 
City/Town: New Orleans, LA

As a closing note, the Hornets' updated season schedule is on the right side of this site, so instead of setting it as your wallpaper, you should check here and increase our traffic.