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Player Review Part Two: Point Guards

Ah, the point guard position. The Hornets' best position historically (Bogues, Davis) was taken to new heights this year by MVP-runner up Chris Paul. Bobby Jackson started the year in a back-up platoon with Pargo, only to be replaced with Mike James midway through the year. Pargo's shooting came and went, but Paul was the rock at PG. A game-by-game look at CP and JP:


Best Game: February 6th @ PHO. CP played numerous terrific games against Phoenix, but this was the granddaddy of them all. With 42 points, 9 assists, and 8 steals, Paul barely missed the crazy points-assists-steals triple double. His best game was either this or his 21 assist night.

Trends: My favorite thing: look at CP's bad games. Then look at the game immediately following. The guy simply does not have two bad games in a row.


Best Game: Same game. Pargo started that Phoenix contest for the injured Mo-Pete, and responded in style with 19 points, a three, and 5 assists with just one turnover. That game was one of the main reasons Jeff Bower felt comfortable enough to trade Jackson and acquire Wells.

Trends: Huge downward and upward swings characteristic of a streak shooter. Pargo peaked post All-Star break after taking almost 4 whole months to get in rhythm. He went into the playoffs on a low note, but did contribute well against Dallas.