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Player Review Part Two: Shooting Guards

A rookie and a veteran were called upon to man the shooting guard position. They did it well. A game-by-game look at Mo-Pete and JuJu, using Hollinger Game score. Yellow line's 5 game moving average, and there's some other cool numbers on top. Click for larger:


Best Game: November 14th vs. PHI. Peterson poured in 27 points on 6 of 9 threes along with 6 rebounds. It was easily his best scoring game of the season, and it was part of a 5 game winning streak for the Bees. The Phila game also followed a tough road contest at New Jersey where Peterson completed a clutch four point play, one of two he had on the year.

Trends: Inconsistency to the max, and much of it is due to how the Hornets used him offensively. Some great +15 Game Scores stand out in the graph, but there's an equal number of sub-zero Game Scores. That's what happens when your role is as hazy as Peterson's was.



Best Game: March 7th vs. NJN. JuJu's breakout game also happened to be his best. Isn't it staggering how many of these "best games" occurred in either March or November? Weird. Anyway, Wright scored 20 points that night on 8 for 9 shooting with a variety of pull up jumpers and drives to the hoop.

Trends: As the minutes went up, so did Flight 32's play. He peaked in March, then had a rough stretch, but recovered extremely well in time for the playoffs. His average Game Score finished at 5.4 and certainly would have been higher with more regular playing time. Plus, his standard deviation of 4.8 was much smaller than Mo-Pete's 6.0, implying more regular quality performances.