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Hornets on the Internets: The Return of J.R. Smith? Edition

J.R. Smith back to the Hornets? Hoopsworld reported it first. I dismissed it myself before I talked to someone who confirmed it. An excerpt of HW's article:

[J.R.'s] turnaround has reportedly caught the attention of the Smith's former team, the New Orleans Hornets, although they already acquired reserve swingman James Posey this summer. Oklahoma City could also be in the mix for Smith, but the Nuggets still have a hold on his rights.

I know, I know. Nobody likes J.R. But take a step back before letting the hate flow forth. The man has improved his 3P% and eFG% substantially for three straight years. That's hard work and nothing else, something we didn't see during his New Orleans years. Smith at 2/3, Wright at 3, and Posey at 3/4? That'd be a terrific look for our bench. By the way, if it happens, it'll be a S&T (probably M. James and a '10 first rounder).

Sort of Hornets-related, if you squint and turn your head sideways: Knicks trade Renaldo Balkman.

The Denver Nuggets have acquired forward Renaldo Balkman from the New York Knicks in exchange for guard Taurean Green, forward Bobby Jones and a second-round draft pick in 2010.

The Knicks are expected to waive Green and Jones at a savings of about $2 million. Both players have non-guaranteed contracts.

The thing I'm looking at is Bobby Jones. He was purported to be a defensive stopper of Bruce Bowen's caliber when he was drafted. A smart move might be signing him at the minimum to fill out the roster. 3436384279

A Boston Celtic fan gives his take on James Posey's departure to the Hornets. He finds himself wondering why Posey hasn't been vilified like other Boston sports heroes that bolted for big money (Johnny Damon):

It's taken me thirty years to realize this, but sometimes a player can leave a team and there are no bad guys.

Would I have liked to see James Posey on the 2008-09 Celtics? Absolutely. But I'm happy for him that he was able to get the contract he wanted.

I'm happy that he'll get to play with a great player like CP3. I'm even happy for the city of New Orleans, who just got themselves one heck of a clutch basketball player.

Julian Wright and Hilton Armstrong's Vegas summer league play made Byron Scott... happy? Yes, indeed. The Times-Pic reports. Also, in that article Jeff Bower talks about Bobby Brown:

"Bobby did a real good job throughout the whole league, and obviously all the other teams took notice," Bower said. "He was one of the biggest surprises throughout the summer league with his play. We had a chance to measure him against the other notable rookies, which was a good measuring stick for him. We were real happy he was able to come in there and perform well."

Still wish we could've nabbed him.

This link session started with one flashy former Hornet SG/SF, so it's only right it ends with another (albeit not as flashy). Devin Brown could end up back in New Orleans according to Hoopsworld:

Among the teams showing interest in former Cavs guard Devin Brown are Dallas, New Orleans, Denver and Atlanta. To a lesser extent, both Miami and Washington have made contact with Brown's representatives.

I enjoyed Devin's last stop in New Orleans- when he averaged career highs in points, rebounds, assists, and steals- and wouldn't mind him back.

[UPDATE: by atthehive]: I forgot to mention that Denver signed swingman Dahntay Jones to a contract last week. Here's one opinion of why Jones makes J.R. expendable in Denver.