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More on Bobby Brown

I will admit, I was pretty taken by Bobby Brown's game yesterday versus Charlotte. Sure, the numbers weren't terrific (5-13 I think with 3 or 4 turns), but I really loved the aggression he showed. I've only watched two summer league games of him and I only vaguely remember his pretty hyped college career at Cal-State Fullerton, so I decided to find out what my best friend- the internet- had to say about him.

First off, Wikipedia doesn't have a page for him. Disappointing, and speaks to his relative obscurity. But fear not! CSTV has one-upped Wiki:

First, the obligatory head shot:


Now, some bio stuff:

Born on Sept. 24, 1984, in Los Angeles, California... Parents are Bobby Brown and Regina Jefferson of Los Angeles... Nickname "L.B." derives from "Little Bobby"... Has a sister, Janika Pratt, 17... Communications major whose ambition is to play professionally... Is engaged to be married to Keana Essex... Switched jersey number from "2" to "3" between his freshman and sophomore seasons

Bobby "L.B." Brown is the focal point of the revived Cal State Fullerton basketball program... As point guard, he's the quarterback running the offense... As a prolific 3-point-field-goal shooter, he's a scoring threat from almost any spot on the floor.

YouTube documents the time he scored 47 points:

Highlights of him in Europe.

And that's that. I kind of like this kid, I really hope he closes summer league strong.