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Hornets on the Internets: Pocket Full of Posey Edition

It's looking more and more like James Posey could don the teal next season. As has been well documented, Boston is reluctant to offer a 4 year deal. More importantly, ESPN is reporting that Cleveland may be out of the running as well:

James Posey remains the most coveted unrestricted free agent still on the market and New Orleans is being increasingly described as perhaps the biggest threat to Boston keeping him.

You haven't heard much about the Cleveland Cavaliers in free agency so far -- and at least one source close to the process believes they're out of the Posey running even though he's an Ohio native.

I think this can only end in one of two ways- either we get him or Boston offers that fourth year. My best guess is that New Orleans' current offer is most of the midlevel (5 mil. or so) with a non-guaranteed 4th.

That same article also has a little bit from the Chicago camp:

While it is widely presumed that Chicago will soon trade Hinrich after drafting Derrick Rose with the No. 1 overall pick, sources maintain that there is some sentiment in the Bulls organization to keep Hinrich -- a Reinsdorf favorite -- and play him at shooting guard alongside Rose while banking on getting something good for Gordon in a sign-and-trade.

There's been some talk of a sign-and-trade by the Hornets. Honestly, I'd be thrilled if it happened, especially if it allowed us to unload James or Butler. Getting Gordon would be the perfect "buy low" opportunity. At this point, though, there's basically zero talk connecting the Hornets and Gordon.

The Charlotte Observer has a great article about Chris Paul's maturation and his experiences with Team United States of America.

"He may be one of the best five players in the world right now," said Gaudio, who was an assistant under the late Skip Prosser when Paul played at Wake.

"He has something other greats have – a presence and charisma that allows him to say what he needs to say without others being, and I don't know if this is the right word, offended or insulted."

"This will be my 28th season in coaching and a Chris Paul comes along maybe once every 25 years," Gaudio said.

I love the "he says what he needs to, without others being offended." Right there is the definition of leadership.

HoopsWorld has been killing it with their offseason NBA coverage. Check this article on the importance of Summer League. I mention it because there's a quote from our General Manager:

"It's terrific, the opportunity to play and compete against other players at the same stage of their career. It's a great measuring stick for all players." said New Orleans Hornets GM Jeff Bower.

And finally, this last one is non-Hornets' related, but still quite interesting. As you might know by now, Deron Williams has yet to sign a contract extension and is leaving with Team United States of America in a few days. He he. Hehehehe. HoopsWorld again:

...[A]ccording to a source close to Deron Williams the primary hold-up is that the Jazz point guard wants to know exactly what he's committing his long-term future to. [Williams] ... would like to know that he's playing for a team with championship potential.

What the Jazz are saying is that the sticking point surrounds Deron's insistence on an opt-out clause, which is definitely the real concern.

So we get: "I truly love this city [New Orleans], everything about it. I never had any plans to leave."

Utah gets: a request for an opt-out clause.