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Hornets on the Internets: Jarvis Hayes, Jarvish Shmayes Edition

Let's start off with Jarvis Hayes. Rumored to be one of the Hornets' top targets for the offseason, the New Jersey Nets snapped him up yesterday. Yahoo! Sports has the report:

Hayes met with New Jersey management in Orlando, Fla., on Thursday and left confident that he’ll sign for the bi-annual exception that would pay him $4 million over two seasons. Once the San Antonio Spurs agreed to terms with Roger Mason Jr., on Wednesday, the Nets became a logical destination for Hayes, who is leaving the Detroit Pistons.

I feel kind of stupid for not mentioning the bi-annual exception. Still, Hayes doesn't really do anything for me, and I don't mind that we didn't get him.

James Posey, our other big target, is supposedly going to make his decision today or tomorrow. As reported by the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Free agent forward James Posey of Twinsburg is likely to sign a multi-year deal in "a day or two," agent Mark Bartelstein said Wednesday evening.

Asked if the Cavaliers were still in the mix, Bartelstein said, "We're still talking."

I'm disappointed by how infrequently the Hornets are mentioned in these Posey reports. The main players seem to be the Celtics and Cavs, with New Orleans thrown in as an afterthought. Interestingly enough, I've seen a couple reports about both Boston and Cleveland being unwilling to offer the full mid-level. In fact, Boston's initial reported offer was 3 years/12 million, significantly lower than the almost $6 mil. midlevel. Another nugget from that same article:

The Cleveland native is also drawing interest from the Cavaliers, Washington, New Orleans, Detroit, and the Lakers, but no one seems willing to offer the full mid-level exception ($5.5 million).

Boston, fine, they're giving out significant money to the Big 3. Washington can't give the midlevel without exceeding the luxury. Ditto for Los Angeles. Cleveland's already well over the luxury tax, so they won't offer the full midlevel either. Detroit probably doesn't value Posey's D as much, given their current roster. Wouldn't that make New Orleans the best combination financially, and competitively? It makes you question how much the Hornets actually want Posey.

Here's a curveball from left field. Apparently, the Hornets may be taken to court in the near future. Forbes has the details, and the clever title 'Hornets lose in 'OT'.'

Former Hornets employees who claim they were coerced into working overtime without being paid for it or were unfairly denied commissions may bring the NBA team to trial, a federal judge ruled Thursday.

There are 16 plaintiffs in the case - all former team employees whose duties entailed selling and processing tickets.

Julian Wright, Hilton Armstrong, and Adam Haluska will all be playing summer league ball this offseason. The Times-Pic has more:

"I'm trying to get back into the flow of playing 5-on-5," Wright said. "I worked out a lot since mid-June to make sure that I was in tip-top shape. When I come to training camp, I want to be in better shape than last season."

Armstrong also needs to show improvement, Scott said. Since his rookie season in 2006-07, Armstrong has struggled to be a consistent performer.

"Hilton has to be very assertive out there every single game," Scott said. "He can't have the lulls like he had during the season. I told him that with his talent, he should be able to dominate in summer league."

I wish they had more on Haluska. So far I've read a wide range of reports on him- some saying New Orleans expects him to fill the void at back-up wing next year and others saying he won't make the full-time roster.