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Hornets on the Internets

We haven't yet learned the official workout schedule, but 2TheAdvocate reports that the Hornets will hold 4 workouts on Tuesday. Hopefully we bring in everybody we possibly can- that list should include guys like Ryan Anderson, Richard Hendrix, Courtney Lee, Marreese Speights, and Billy Walker at the very least.

[Byron] Scott said the Hornets will be looking to improve their depth at center, point guard, and with an athletic player that can play shooting guard and small forward. "When you get to the 27th spot in the draft," Scott said, "I don’t think you can really look at one guy and say this is the guy we want. You have to look at a bunch of people and say we’ll take the best one of those that’s available at that time."

Chris Paul will be followed by Kevin Garnett as 2K Sports' NBA cover athlete, reports HoopsWorld. I bought the game last year, and it's definitely pretty awesome.

Last season's cover hero was New Orleans' Chris Paul. Paul went on to have one of the most statistically dominating seasons in NBA history, averaging 21.1 points, 11.6 assists, 2.71 steals and 4.0 rebounds against only 2.51 turnovers a night. His playoff numbers were even better at 24.1, 11.3, 2.33, 4.9 and 1.83, respectively.

Garnett is excited. "NBA 2K is where it's AT!  End of story," said Garnett.

The Olympics are fast approaching, and in case you haven't heard yet, Chris Paul will be representing the United States (which sorta, kinda makes sense, since he was just honored as the best point guard in the country). Dwyane Wade is also on the team, and is already getting a headstart on the action:

Wade has summoned New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul and Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony to Chicago to increase the level of competition in scrimmages.

A lot of Byron Scott stuff floating around, given that (a) he just signed a lucrative deal, and (b) that his former team is once again in the Finals. First check out this radio interview with WWL AM870. Then, check out his appearance on the Mike and Mike ESPN show. Finally, the Boston Globe sums up Scott's take on the Boston-L.A. rivalry:

So, on a scale of 1 to 10, just how bad does ex-Laker great Byron Scott hate the Celtics? "Ten. That's easy," said Scott, who is now coach of the New Orleans Hornets... Still true to his Laker roots, Scott didn't mention Larry Bird when speaking of some of the greats of the game.

Speaking of Larry Bird, does anyone else find those Magic/Bird two-face commercials really forced? I guess the idea is kinda cool, but it comes off as oddly creepy.

Chris Paul's contract talks are on the horizon. They can "officially" begin on July the 1st, exactly 3 weeks from now. He's definitely going to get a good offer, that's for sure. Sports Illustrated did a cool feature a few days ago about the top 50 richest athletes (top 3 for those of you to lazy to click: Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson (I know, what the hell, right?), and Bron Bron). Now, they're going out on a huge limb and predicting that CP will be the next to crack the Top 50.

The 22-year-old floor general was the NBA's breakthrough star in '07-08, finishing second in the MVP voting while leading the Hornets to 56 wins and a division title. He was also one of the league's biggest bargains, making just $3.6 million under his rookie contract. Most observers expect the Hornets to secure Paul's services with a lucrative, long-term deal during the next year

Current #50? Another New Orleans resident you might have heard of- Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning.