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How'd He Do?: Julian Wright

Touted as a top-10 draft pick last summer, Julian Wright somehow fell into our hands at #13 where we gladly snapped him up. One year of Flight 32 is in the books... How'd He Do?



Positives: Breathtaking athleticism, crazy dunking ability, surprising touch from deep in small sample size (42% on 24 trifectas), good handles (15.1 TOV%), good court vision, excellent one-on-one defender, virtually same PER as ROY Kevin Durant (15.8 to 15.4)

Negatives: Tendency to pass up open jumpers, terrible FT shooter in small sample size (64%)

My Grade: 4, Explanation: Sky's the limit with JuJu. Last year, I was most excited about his defensive ability. So every time he hit a three or threw one down, it just felt like icing on the cake. Wright has the potential to be an extremely good one-on-one offensive player. If he does put the work into his game to make it happen, Chris Paul and David West will become that much better.

My vision of Wright, 2 or 3 years down the road? Bruce Bowen, with Stephen Jackson-like offensive ability (hopefully not the jacking up threes wildly part), and without the dirty mindset. We definitely got one of the gems of the '07 draft class.