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How'd He Do?: Tyson Chandler

One of Tyson Chandler's goals from the offseason was to lead the league in rebounding. He ended up 3rd, but did accomplish the next best thing- leading the league in offensive rebounding.


Now that basketball season is over, Tyson looks to spend more time doing what he loves. Namely, repairing ceiling fans.

Positives: Led the league in offensive rebounding, made terrific strides in his free throw percentage mid-season, decreased his Fouls/Minute figures, continued the amazing reduction in TOV% since coming from Chicago (cut from 25% to 18% last year, down to 15% this year), was probably the most important defender on the court for the Hornets, didn't block too many shots but certainly altered them, his anchoring of the paint allowed CP to cheat into the passing lanes to pick up important steals, continued excellent durability, 17.5 PER third in NBA among Centers, executed pick and roll very efficiently, ran the break better than any other big man in the league, alley-oop machine

Negatives: Still no real back-to-basket game, despite good rebound rates, his ORB%, DRB%, and TRB% actually decreased from last year, BLK% declined significantly, tendency to get too emotionally invested in games and pick up cheap foul calls

My Grade: 5, Explanation: Sure, the numbers say his rebounding stats declined. But it's important to note the context. New Orleans has no great rebounders around Chandler. Couple that with the fact that he led the league in ORB, and you knew coming in that opposing teams would key in on him. Teams often doubled him on the boards. So Tyson keeping his numbers relatively similar is actually an accomplishment, not a regression. He adjusted to the double teams and not always having position by batting out a lot of basketballs.

Offensively, he still has a lot to work on. That said, he has great hands, great anticipation and basketball IQ, and he understands floor spacing. Even if he never develops a great back-to-basket game, his pick and roll ability makes him an invaluable asset.