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How'd He Do?: Jannero Pargo

This is probably one of the two biggest decisions the front office will make this summer (along with Wells). Stepping up to the plate is General Pargo. Should we re-up him? Should we acquiesce to his demands if he opts out again (like last year) and asks for more years and more moneys? Would it be worth acquiring a potential replacement for him (ie, T. Lawson or M. Chalmers)? Feel free to leave your thoughts. But first... How'd He Do?


The Man, the Myth, the Legend... General Pargo.

Positives: Literally carried the bench numerous times through the season and even in the playoffs, had a seriously amazing cut-down on turnovers (TOV% of 11.8, down from 14.1 last year, and 16.8 the year before), terrific at executing the full-court press, agility allowed him to effectively guard the quick guards of the world (Barbosa, Ellis, Terry to name a few), capably ran the fast break, durable (162 out of 164 games last 2 years), had a great off the court relationship with numerous players (Paul, Chandler come to mind), decent at the 3-ball (35%)

Negatives: The concept of "streak-shooting" has been mathematically disproven, but can you honestly say JP wasn't streaky this year?, terrible overall from the field (39% FG, 44% eFG, 47% TS), often dominated the ball even with Chris Paul in the game, assist rate declined for 4th straight year, not great at producing turnovers (1.7% steal rate), overall was very bad at offense (98 points/100 possessions) and that mirrors poor PER (11.9)

My Grade: 3, Explanation: As much as Pargo carried the bench, that's more a reflection of how atrocious the bench was than how good Pargo was. His 98 points/100 possessions ranked 12th on the team, behind such luminaries as Sool-but, Ry-Bow, and Marquinhos. Even in games where he "looked" like he was doing well, he often shot bad percentages from the floor. Still, he guarded quick 1's very effectively with his speed. In the end, I think Pargo can still be the back-up PG for a championship team. It just depends who the other back-ups are.