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How'd He Do?: Peja Stojakovic

Peja's turn. So far: Bonzi Wells 55%, David West 94%, Morris Peterson 68%, Melvin Ely 37%. Now let's take a look at Predrag, three point shooting extraordinare.


Positives: Shot the lights out, stayed healthy, barely missed becoming the second 45%+/200 3PM+ shooter in NBA history (Glen Rice), nearly matched his career high with 231 total threes and shot 44.1% from three, easily outclassed his much hyped fellow bomber Ray Allen (180 3's on 39.8%), spaced the floor extremely well allowing the TC-CP pick and roll to enjoy great success, career high and NBA high .929 from the stripe, often guarded opposition's best wing with some success (LeBron, Redd), Peja Heads probably the highlight of the season

Negatives: Shut down in the playoffs by Bruce Bowen, terrible footwork on defense, forced up shots in games where he got limited touches, got blocked on way too many inside attempts (14% of his "inside" looks were rejected)

My Grade (1 to 5): 5, Explanation: Without Peja's three point ability, you could easily make the case that Paul wouldn't have posted the ridiculous numbers that he did. Even on non-Peja plays, his presence on the floor was enough to keep extra defenders from hounding CP. He was shut down by Bruce Bowen, but seriously, it's Bruce Bowen. Bowen is one of the NBA's premier defenders, if its dirtiest, and he's shut down premier scorers in the past. I really think Peja's getting too much flack for this. Other than that, he filled his role to the max. 231 3PM in 77 games? Don't tell me you wouldn't have sold your soul for that before the season started.