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Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! Hope everyone's enjoying their day off... in the spirit of lazing around, no draft/player review coverage today. Instead, a look at what's on tap for the rest of the summer for the Hornets and for @tH.

Tomorrow, May 26th: As many of you are probably aware, the Hornet franchise will celebrate its 20th anniversary this November (the inaugural game was a 40 point loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers at the Hive). So, this offseason @tH will be doing 30 posts about the 30 greatest Hornets of all-time. In two to three years, it's obvious who will be number 1. But making the list right now will give us a snapshot of the first 20 years of Hornets history that we can look back on later. Who was the greatest Hornet in the first 20 years of the franchise? Stay tuned. Only 172 players have ever donned the Teal, so the word "greatness" will truly be redefined (and not in a good way). This project affords us a chance to remember some of our favorite players, favorite scrubs, and some of our not-so-favorite players who were pretty good. Tomorrow, the list kicks off with #30.

June 5th: The Finals start. Hooray. Hope you enjoy Lakers-Celtics, Mr. Stern, because it's the last time you'll see it for a while (/channels inner mW, seethes in anger).

June 16th: Last day for early entries to withdraw submissions for NBA Draft. Will any potential Hornets' picks drop out? Stay tuned.

One Month from Tomorrow, June 26th: The NBA Draft. Which budding superstar will we take with the 27th pick? The suspense is killing me...

August 2nd: My projection for the day the 2008-2009 NBA Schedule will be announced. Also, the day the TV Schedule should be announced. If we get anything less than 20 Nat'l TV Games (for reference, Dallas got 32 last year), I will consider it an insult to what the franchise accomplished this season.

August 29th: Basketball at the 2008 Beijing Olympics kicks off. Chris Paul will try to lead Team U.S.A. all the way.

November 1st/2nd: The NBA starts anew! (One of these two has to be the start date... right?)

November 4th: The 20th anniversary of a special day. November 4th, 1988. Hopefully the Hornets franchise does something special to celebrate the occasion. Also: hopefully, the NBA recognizes the date and schedules us at home if we're playing on this day.