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Draft '08: First Look

The draft's still a ways away, and we're still analyzing how our current players did before looking ahead. But it can't hurt to look at who we might pick up. Here are some names that various mocks project to go around the 27th pick:

Note: If my comments in the boxes below don't show up properly, click the post title to go to the post page and all will be well.

Courtney Lee

#32 / G / Western Kentucky Hilltoppers

6-5                       Initial Reaction: A guard with the ability to create his own

200                      shot. Lacks JuJu's raw athleticism but could be next Mo-

22                        Pete. Great perimeter shooter, the "perfect" role player.

nathan jawai

#?? / C / Australia (Cairns Taipans)

6-10                     Initial Reaction: Called "Baby Shaq" by many, realistically

282                      the next coming of Erick Dampier (which isn't a bad

21                        thing). NBA ready body, could be perfect back-up big.

Ty Lawson

#5 / G / North Carolina Tar Heels

5-11                     Initial Reaction: Played for a powerhouse college,

193                      arguably the 2nd best "pure" 1 in the draft. Could be

20                        the CP3 backup of the future, but can't D up like Pargo.

Richard Hendrix

#35 / F / Alabama Crimson Tide

6-8                        Initial reaction: Chiseled 253 frame, very similar in

253                       style to Paul Millsap... or Brandon Bass. Big on boards,

21                         strong finisher, awkward shooter, suspect defender.

Brandon Rush

#25 / G / Kansas Jayhawks

6-6                        Initial reaction: A strong, slashing guard that also

210                       plays the 3. Rush is good, but honestly I will be mad if

22                         he is the pick- he is a poor man's Julian Wright.

Billy Walker

#12 / F / Kansas St. Wildcats

6-6                        Initial reaction: Another slashing type SG/SF, but

220                       Walker also has tremendous shooting ability. A

22                         teammate of M. Beasley, he's also a great defender.

Serge ibaka

#?? / F/C / Congo (CB L'Hospitalet)

6-10                        Initial reaction: A definite project pick. He is a typical

220                         "Spurs' pick"- stash him overseas for a few years.

18                           Hits 3's, blocks shots, could be a beast in 2-3 years.

Marreese Speights

#34 / Forward / Florida Gators

6-10                        Initial reaction:  New O would be lucky to have him

250                         drop this far; if available, definite pick. Great body,

21                           jump hook, offensive rebounder... pray for this guy.

Kosta Koufos

#31 / Center / Ohio St. Buckeyes

7-0                          Initial reaction: Ranked 2nd among centers on many

265                         draft boards, very young, 3-pt range, true defensive

19                           center. Not gifted athletically, struggles to finish.