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How'd He Do?: Morris Peterson

Round 2 of How'd He do? Go vote in the Melvin Ely post if you missed it. Current Ely approval rating: 37%. Stepping up to the plate is none other than Morris Peterson.

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Pts Reb Ast 3P% PER
2007 - Morris Peterson 8.0 2.7 0.9 39.4 (38th) 11.2 (106th)

Positives: Shot a very high three point percentage, made a significant scoring contribution, made it difficult for defenses to key in entirely on Peja Stojakovic, played great one-on-one defense, despite a low PER still in the same neighborhood as respected role guys like Ime Udoka (101) and Raja Bell (113).

Negatives: Became too one dimensional offensively, rebounding rate dropped to near career low, an 11.2 PER is still an 11.2 PER, drew fouls at an alarmingly low rate

My Grade (1 to 5): 4, Explanation: Even though on paper it looks like Mo had a "bad" year, I felt he fit his role very well. Again, the key word is "role." Our offense basically forced him into being one dimensional and I can't hold that against him. Second, he was the biggest taker of "garbage" shots, shots late in the shot-clock (22, 23 seconds in) that nobody else wanted to take. This had to have reduced his overall numbers.