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How'd He Do?: Melvin Ely

Welcome to the first in the "How'd He Do" series where we'll be going over every Hornet player and how they performed this season. This is the first of a two part series- this half will be purely about player performance and the next half will be purely financial (and whether a player should stay or go). Most importantly, make sure you vote in the poll down yonder. That way we can create a virtual "approval rating" for every Hornet player. We start with the back-up big man today. Step right up, Melvin!



Pts Reb Ast REB% PER
2007 - Melvin Ely 3.9 2.8 0.4 13.6 (71st) 9.0 (264th)

Positives: Rebounded solidly off the bench (a rebound rate basically equivalent to David West), made a few flashy post moves, was monumentally better than Hilton Armstrong as a backup big.

Negatives: Fouled too much, was miserable overall offensively (9.0 PER where 15.0 is league average), and was a "black hole," refusing to pass the ball out of double teams.

My Grade (1 to 5): 2