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Was It Dirty?

Both in last night's game thread and in the comments of the recap, there's been some good discussion about Robert Horry's foul on David West. I maintain that from a basketball strategy POV, that foul and his positioning made no sense. So, yes, I think it was intentional.

From my comment in the last post:

"1. Why the screen? (A) Ginobili was free. If anything, Horry could have been rolling for a layup. (B) West was way too far from being able to impact the play meanginfully.

2. That was not a "traditional" pick. You normally keep your hands low. Horry brought them up into West’s back.

3. Why did he try to hit West when West was already out of the play? Horry jumps into West, knowing full well that West is too far.

Again, I’m more than willing to listen to bball rationale behind these three. Sorry if I come across as a homer. :)"

What do the rest of you guys think? I'm willing to listen to other opinions now that I'm not as riled up as yesterday...