Gary Payton on CP3

From Ball Don't Lie, an excerpt from the interview with The Glove:

BDL: Is there a point guard in the game who reminds you of yourself?

GP: (Pauses) No. I don't think anybody reminds me of me, because I did it on both ends of the floor. I played defense, I posted up, point guards don't post up [anymore] like I did, and guard somebody end to end, and get steals and stuff. Most point guards now, what they're doing is playing passing lanes, and some of them always talk about why they haven't been on first-team defense. Like Allen [Iverson] and Chris Paul, they're both my buddies, and I like them both, but that's not defense right now. Defense is more like an on the ball type of guy, like Bruce Bowen, but I don't think any point guard plays like that right now.

BDL: Who in your opinion is the best point guard in the game right now?

GP: Chris Paul.

BDL: Not Rondo?

GP: (Smiles) Nooo. No Rondo. Nooo Rondo. Chris Paul and then a close second would be [Deron] Williams.