Trade Solutions

I think these are all moves that could easily be made and would improve as soon as these guys got used to each other if not sooner. They are all in my opinion realistic moves, but there are afew character concerns.

1) Trade Mo Pete for Jamaal Tinsley

2) Trade Mike James and a 2nd for Etan Thomas

3) Trade our first round pick and Hilton Armstrong for Rashad McCants.

These are all moves that are more then doable with the one iffy being whether we would be willing to trade MoPete so soon after signing him. People often say that you can't trade two consecutive first rounders but I think that you only can't trade them at the same time. Phoenix definitely traded consecutive first rounders, they just waited till the season started to do it.

We get a real point guard capable of distributing the ball, and keeping the offense in flow, and also capable for giving CP real rest. Tinsley has had his problems in Indy, but the dude can play ball. Devin is a more then adequate 3rd string point/ wing.

We get a gritty big man who defends and rebound well. He also commits fewer fouls and penalties then Hilton. Etan does what Hilton does only better, more efficiently, and without getting muscled out of the paint. Time to end the Hilton experiment.

We get a shot creator who can light it up from all over the floor. (Don't let his low percentages fool you, this kid can shoot the three, and he is good at attacking the rim. He's just starting slow.)

Some might think the first rounder is excessive for Shaddy, but we couldn't afford to sign the first rounder anyway, especially if we want to resign Shaddy, which we would because he would be perfect for us.

This gives us the depth that we need in order to take on the big boys for the next three years.