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Hornets North of the Border

Great win by the Hornets tonight, I should have a recap up later. In the meanwhile, Ryan McNeill, who covers the Raptors with media credentials, of Hoops Addict passed along these terrific game notes. Here are some of my favorite parts of it; check out the full thing at Hoops Addict.

"Antonio Daniels has been with New Orleans less than a week but already he’s struck up a friendship with Chris Paul. The two were joking around in the locker room and warmed up together on the court before the game."

"Posey got a fair amount of ribbing from teammates after the game when he decided to brush his teeth at his locker instead of in the sink in the washroom."

"It was interesting to see Chris Bosh walk out of the Raptors locker room with a Chris Paul jersey. When asked why he had an opponents jersey, Bosh cracked a smile and told the reporter, “That’s my Olympic teammate, we have that bond.”

There's a lot more in that article. Also, be on the lookout for a Tyson Chandler article at Hoops Addict tomorrow and another one about Chris Paul's steals streak on Tuesday.