Bobcats @ Hornets: The View from the Floor

[Editor- This is too awesome not to put on the Front Page. A lot of really, really good pictures after the jump. Enjoy! (and thanks Saintsational) Go Saints tomorrow!]

Hey guys! I'm Saintsational and I write SB Nation's New Orleans Saints blog, Canal Street Chronicles

Tonight, I had the pleasure of attending the Hornets game while sitting on the floor! Spike and Jack style. Row AA. Whenever I go to Saints games I always write up a quick post for CSC readers replete with observations about the game and pictures of my game experience. This was my first Hornets game of the season - I will start following more after football season - and since my seats were unusually good I thought you guys might enjoy one of my world famous "The View from..." posts. I will spare you of any basketball observations since I am certainly not an expert and haven't brushed up on my 2008 Hornets trivia yet. (Who the hell is Marks?)

Just a few notes from the game:


  • I don't know if everyone but me already knows this but David West has "Carpe" tattooed on once calf and "Diem" on the other. 
  • I wished Peja good luck before the game and he thanked me. 
  • I was kinda liking the Bucs throwbacks. 
  • I am not certain of this BUT...early in the game I think David West smelled something funky and continued to squint and express how nasty it was while positioning himself away from the odor. 
  • Even the Honeybees were wearing 70's hairstyles. They still looked good!
  • They added sideburns and afros to a few of the players' profile pictures up on the jumbotron.
  • While the Bobcats were shooting free throws, CP was talking with some fan at half court for a good minute. CP does a lot of talking out there. 
  • Some crazy guy won the dance contest by stripping layers and gyrating incredibly erradically. It came down to him and some women doing a sultry belly dance. 
  • Having been going to the Superdome and Wembley Stadium the last few months, the Hive feels incredibly small and intimate. 
  • Definitely a good amount of empty seats in the upper bowl. I was hoping after last season that attendance would be better. I won't judge by this game. 
  • It was CP3 bobblehead night. 
  • These guys really are fast. Just how quickly they cut and change direction amazes me. 
  • 3rd quarter. About halfway through. Check the replay. I am the fan who gets the ball and throws it back to the ref after it goes out of bounds. Sweet!


And now...the pictures. The bad photos were taken by me. The good ones (you'll be able to tell) were taken by my friend Mae$e. Check out his New Orleans blog!





Warming up. 





The view above. 



The view behind. 




I think this is Mo Pete. Not sure though. 



Even the ref's need warming up. 



Jordy Hultberg checking out warmups. 



CP doing some talking. 




Half of the Crescent City Connection.



Playin' it cool. 



Hilton getting into position. 



For all the guys out there. 



Mo Pete



D. West at the line. 



You might think CP3 is human but he's obviously not. Check out his feet in this picture. He is floating. 



Their work is done for the night. 



Coaches meeting. Get out of the way Bud!