Daniels = PG Help?

[Ed- promoted from the FanPosts. My very initial thoughts: Daniels and James are absurdly similar in many ways. Both 33, both have 6.5 mil contracts that are (virtually) guaranteed for next season, both on the downtrend. Thing is, James' downtrend has been stunningly faster than Daniels, and Daniels still looks to have some value. Myself or Lee should have a full post up later, for now here's the report.]

According to the Washington Post, the Hornets may be getting Antonio Daniels:

According to a league source with knowledge of the situation, the Wizards, New Orleans Hornets and Memphis Grizzlies are closing in on a three-team trade.

The Wizards will acquire guards Javaris Crittenton (Memphis) and Mike James (New Orleans). The Hornets will get Antonio Daniels from the Wizards and possibly a conditional draft pick from Memphis. The Grizzlies would get the conditional first round pick they sent to Washington for Juan Carlos Navarro before last season.

To Wizards will release PG Dee Brown to make room on the roster. Brown, who was signed to a partially guaranteed deal before the season, has started 11 games but has recently seen his playing time reduced.

Don't feel it's the worst thing, as AD still is viable for backup minutes at point.  Losing Mike James definitely isn't a loss.  Only thing is Daniels could be quite unreliable as he's shown to be pretty injury prone the last few years.  What do you guys think?

Update 1: Hornets get a conditional 2nd rounder in the deal. Conditions unspecified for now. (11:45 CST, ESPN)

Update 2: The conditional second rounder will be a 2015 draft pick (11:50 CST, Yahoo!)

Update 3: Daniels currently has a bruised tailbone, as of Monday this week. He was available for the Wizards' game on Tuesday however.

Update 4: Daniels will arrive in NOLA tomorrow for his physical. That means James won't be able to play against Boston for Washington tomorrow (probably). Uncertain whether Daniels will travel with the team to Boston on Friday. (12:40 CST, Times-Pic)

Update 5: Couple sound bytes, courtesy of Jeff Bower and Byron Scott. Bower: "We are excited to get a player of Antonio’s caliber. He is a guard with excellent size, versatility and toughness. Daniels is also a proven veteran who has won a championship and we look forward to all of those attributes strengthening our bench." Scott: "AD has always been a steady, proven guard in this league. He has won at the highest level and is a clutch player; he also gives us a different look in the backcourt with his size."

Update 6: A nice piece from Bullets Forever about AD. An exerpt: "Why doesn't AD get more love? He's simply not as flashy as Gordon or as dynamic as Barbosa or Paul Millsap. He comes in there and simply does his thing night in and night out. It doesn't seem possible that someone can not be flashy while still being an ace sixth man, but Daniels proves that the task can be done. Combine that with his veteran leadership and his incredible generosity off the court, and I'm proud to say that Antonio Daniels plays for my team." Great read.