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Hornets Powerful in Polls

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A few week 1 power rankings have come out, with the Hornets top 3 virtually everywhere. The five ones I'll be following this season:

Ranking Last Week Comments
ESPN (Marc Stein) 2 3 We were kidding when we talked up that 7-0 preseason, but a 3-0 start is the real deal. Especially because the Hornets opened on the road, played Phoenix and Cleveland next and didn't have Chandler for two of the W's. (John Schuhmann) 2 3 Losing Tyson Chandler and Peja Stojakovic to ankle injuries this early is obviously a concern, but it does give the Hornets' bench, which we questioned just a week ago, some extra time to develop. Starting for Peja, Rasual Butler came up big in Saturday's win over the Cavs.
USA Today (Chris Colston) 3 3 But the jersey — er, jury — is out on those new road uniforms.
AOL FanHouse (Brett Edwards) 2 -- Hasn't lost since Game 7 of last season's playoffs, and beat the Suns and Cavs without Tyson Chandler and Peja Stojakovic. If the Lakers hadn't been so impressive, these guys would be number one.
Bloggers (Bloggers... including me) 2 3 James Posey won't do this all season long, but along with CP3, he's helped navigate a treacherous GS/PHX/CLE start for New Orleans

Personally, I have us at #3 behind LA and Boston. But next Wednesday's Laker showdown at the Hive may very well change my mind. For now, let's take care of business versus Atlanta, Charlotte, and Miami.