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Knee Jerk Reactions to Iverson-Billups

So apparently Iverson for Billups/Samb/McDyess is very close to being a done deal. Antonio McDyess is involved, but he'll probably end up back in Detroit (after the 30 day restriction) after Denver buys him out. For a second there, I started dreaming a little bit... then I saw that Detroit wanted him back, and that his current contract is in excess of 6 million a season.

Anyways, a few points of instant analysis:

  1. The trade-buyout-resign thing is something the NBA needs to fix. Detroit should not be allowed to get McDyess back this season; it's a ridiculous loophole that's now been exploited twice in two seasons (either K. Thomas or B. Barry did it last year, can't remember which).
  2. Denver can now bench Anthony Carter. I can't begin to describe how big this is.
  3. Also, Denver can now start J.R. Smith. No matter how much we Hornets fans may have despised him, the kid is good at basketball. Billups/Smith/Melo figure to make better starters than Carter/Iverson/Melo.
  4. Detroit will now have 24 million dollars coming off the books this summer (Iverson, Rasheed, Hermann), and will have close to 37 million coming off the books if Hamilton excersises an E.T.O.
  5. 37 million dollars. Think about it, that's a lot of money.
  6. It would give Detroit an opportunity to rebuild the team around Stuckey, A. Johnson, and Kwame Brown

    . Problem is, I don't see a lot of great FA's out there. At one point, 2009 looked like an awesome free agent class. Then Baron Davis, Elton Brand, Corey Maggette all signed long term deals. The chances of Kobe leaving LA plummeted to zero, Artest's chances of going to Detroit were significantly slashed by his trade to Houston, Steve Nash probably was never going to opt out anyway, Jason Kidd sucks... yeah. Detroit would be looking at guys like Lamar Odom, a 31 year old Shawn Marion, Drew Gooden, and best case, Carlos Boozer.
  7. If I'm Detroit, I love the cap space, but I wait a year until Summer 2010. Yes, my team will probably suck for '09-'10 if Iverson and Rasheed both walk. It'd probably be worth it. I mean, have you seen the '10 FA class?