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Hey Everybody! Let's All Overreact Wildly to a Couple Bad Games!

Bill Simmons has one of his usual, hyperbole filled pieces up at ESPN. Among other things, he calls Melo "more efficient" this season despite a ten percent (yes, ten percent) drop in shooting this season and decides to make some broad generalizations about teams "wanting to score less" based on 10-15 games of evidence. So par for the course. On top of all that, he claims deep understanding of the psychologies of the New Orleans Hornets and Byron Scott. How came he to possess this knowledge? Oh, he attended the Clippers game. Duh.

A few of Simmons' claims: (1) Chris Paul and Byron Scott have a "C" relationship, as opposed to an "A" and (2) The Hornets don't like Byron Scott. I really don't feel like diving into an extended, point-by -point Simmons bashing session here. But I do want to highlight this section of his article, purely for amusement:

"I watched the Spurs beat the Clippers [2 weeks ago]... things can't splinter for them. That Pop-Duncan foundation is just too strong. You could see it during every timeout huddle, you could see it with how they interacted and supported each other, and you could see it with the way they carried themselves. When Roger Mason drained the game-winning 3-pointer, there was no chest-pounding or pointing to God, just a quiet fist pump and a leisurely walk back to the huddle. It's a professional team in every sense.

The Hornets gave me a different vibe. They seemed a little detached."

Wait... so Roger Mason performs perhaps the most exhilarating feat in basketball- hitting a game winning three with the clock winding down, barely celebrates at all, and you praise it as "professionalism." Then you turn right around and dismiss the Hornets'  "lack of celebration" as "detachment"?

Simmons, 10/28: "New Orleans [will be] in the 2009 NBA Finals."

Simmons, 11/26: "I am no longer sold on the 2009 Hornets."

Hey Bill, ever heard of this thing called a "small sample size"? No? Well, how about a "double standard"?

Didn't think so. (Ticktock6, I'm expecting you to break out the heavy artillery!)