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Chris Paul Moves and Web Site News

Over the weekend, I decided to revamp the sidebars a little bit. All game related stuff is now on the left hand side bar- that includes next upcoming game, previous game recaps, a mini upcoming schedule and finished schedule (5 ahead, 5 before). I also included a newly done blogroll on the left hand side. It should be a lot easier to wade through than the last one.

On the right hand side is some random stuff- a running Crescent City Connection Count, player salaries and links to completed '30 Greatest Hornet' series stories. There's also a box thingy that links to a Chris Paul highlights page. What is that exactly? Well, Chris Paul has this tendency to to come up with some off the wall dribbles/assists/fake outs. So I'm going to try and keep them all on one page that will be continuously updated. Yeah. If you have any videos of Paul laying around inside of your computer, shoot them my way, and I'll post them on that page. One such highlight from the second OKC game: