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Really Guys? Really?

Lee will have the full recap in the morning, and I should have a moving picture/video/movie/film (be excited!) sort of thingy up as well. Because pictures and words can't begin to describe the depths of our ineptitude. For now, a few half-baked bullets:

  • What the @#%? is the deal with the substitution patterns? Chris Paul has 15/13 and is playing awesome basketball in the 3rd. Then Byron sits him until 6 minutes left in the 4th as the Hornets proceed to lose the lead in pathetic fashion.
  • David West needs to learn how to pass out of the double. On that last forced shot attempt, he had Chris Paul, Peja, and Posey more open than a 7/11 at 2 p.m.
  • Posey was pretty bad. But one bad game in every 10 is pretty good right?
  • Looks like Devin's got this backup thing in the bag.
  • David West went 32 minutes without getting a rebound. 
  • Don't lie- you want to see Byron Scott put Sean Marks in.
  • Byron can't expect to sit Peja all second half and then have him come in cold and drill triples for the last 2 minutes. You could hear every person in the arena groan when Devin Brown had that wide open look at three. You think Peja misses that?