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Game 9: Hornets @ Rockets Open Thread

Houston, TX, 7:30 CST





AP 5-4
The Dream Shake Preview
Some Real Good Game Notes From Last Night
A Unique Take on Defense: The Coase Corollary

NOLA Times-Pic || Houston Chronicle

ffensive Efficiency: NOH 108.5 (7th), HOU 102.2 (25th)

Defensive Efficiency: NOH 104.5 (15th), HOU 100.1 (3rd)

Christopher || Peterson
Backcourt Aaron Brooks || Tracy McGrady






Ron Artest

17 foot || Ceiling Fan


Luis Scola || Yao Ming

 L L W L W (most recent)
Last Five
L W L W L (most recent)
A Rocket would probably set a Hornet on fire. Or crush it.

In Real Life...