Damn I love Hornet ball

Hey everyone, this is my first post on these boards and I figured I should say Hi and tell you a little bit about how I support the Hornets.

I live in Australia and started supporting the Hornets about 3 years ago. I decided to support the Hornets since I started playing basketball in High School and people liked the NBA. My Favourite player is David West and people say I sort of emulate my own game round him (no where near the same level).

I listen to the games online and costantly check for updates at school during free periods.

As for this year I rekon we can make a decent run at the title, however durability is my concern as our main impact player, i.e. Peja and Posey are fairly old so we will need to keep 'em fresh. I would like to see Armstrong develop into a solid player who can shut up anyone saying that we have no back-up big men. I truely believe that CP3 is going to be MVP, not only because it rhymes but because he leads a TEAM and doesnt give a damn about stats (LeBron?).

So if you would like to chat with my about how I get to watch the Hornets or if your curious as to how we play basketball down under or maybe just to talk about the Hornets successes or failures send your comments!