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Behind Enemy Lines: Phoenix

The Hornets stay on the left coast tonight, taking on the Grant Hill led Phoenix Suns. Bright Side of the Sun answered a few questions for us about the Suns:


At the Hive: What kind of pace do you expect the Suns to play at this year, and do you think changing the pace is a wise move?

Bright Side of the Sun: Medium to slow. Porter has already said that the Suns will only run on defensive stops. In preseason you say some flashes of that on blocks or rebounds but you won't see the break neck pace any more. This change really happened last year. Even before Shaq, but certainly after the trade, the Suns slowed down and focused more on a highly efficient half court game.
@tH: Is there a better offensive post player than Amare? But more importantly, what aspects of his offensive game could he improve most
BSotS: Is there a better point guard then Chris Paul? Exactly. Actually though, I don't think of Amare as a tradition low post player. Under the D'Antoni regime he the big on the floor and as such was in the low post. After Shaq came you saw him facing up with the ball at the elbow. I think he's more dangerous from there. He shoots close to 46% outside the paint and if you close on him to take away the jump shot he will drive by you. 1:1 he's as unguardable as any player in the game from that spot.
@tH: The Suns will win ___ games this year.

BSotS: Many. I have no idea. Predictions range from mid 40's to mid 50's. I've never been much for these kinds of body counts. What matters most is playoff seeding and even more so how well and how healthy the team is come spring.

Thanks to Bright Side of the Sun for the insight, and good luck to them tonight. Hopefully, we can build on last year's 4-0 record vs. Nash and Friends.