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@tH's New Blogger

As the countdown to the regular season concludes, I'm thrilled to say that At the Hive is getting a new writer! Lee from the fantastic blog Hometown Hornets will be joining us, where he will surely proceed to be the Pippen to my Jordan, the Solo to my Skywalker, and the Zazu to my Mufasa. (I suppose that makes Junsier Timon, Boba Fett, and Luc Longley...)

I'll let Lee take it from here:

Lee: I'm a Louisiana native who spends his free time watching obscure films, listening to Prince albums, and reading until I'm blue in the face.

My only experience on a basketball court was a single year of rec league play at the age of ten. I mostly remember getting my shots blocked, but I did once score 7 points in a single game. I've since left the world of sports for more glamorous things like... well, paying to watch other people play them.

Nowadays, I daylight as a graphic designer, but by night it's all Hornets (and conniptions over the Saints). In fact, a little more than a year ago, the excitement of receiving my first season ticket package prompted my fanhood to explode in all directions of awesome. The result was excessive purchases of Hornets paraphernalia, large credit card statements, and Hometown Hornets -- a blog of my experiences as one of the lucky few who get to witness the thrill of the Hornets. In person. 41 times a year.

41 times a year indeed. Lee should be doing most of our home game coverage this year, and will be doing those a lot better than I did home games last year.