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Hornets On the Internets: Hornets 1, Gustav 0 Edition

Thankfully, Hurricane Gustav didn't do nearly the damage some predicted it might. And the Saints kicked off their season in style. So in sum, not a terrible week. On to the sparse Hornets news... T...

Hornets on the Internets: Chris Paul the Olympian Edition

Not much news for the Hornets these last few weeks. A quick rundown of the latest proceedings, or lack thereof: We'll start with Mr. Paul. First, check out this short interview with Olympians...

Hornets on the Internets: The Return of J.R. Smith? Edition

J.R. Smith back to the Hornets? Hoopsworld reported it first. I dismissed it myself before I talked to someone who confirmed it. An excerpt of HW's article: [J.R.'s] turnaround has reportedly...

Hornets on the Internets: Bobby Brown is a Wanted Man Edition

Bobby Brown's been lighting up the summer league. (Note: Let it be known that I was/am the first official member of the Bobby Brown bandwagon). And now, he may end up getting an NBA or overseas gig...

Hornets on the Internets: Pocket Full of Posey Edition

It's looking more and more like James Posey could don the teal next season. As has been well documented, Boston is reluctant to offer a 4 year deal. More importantly, ESPN is reporting that C...

Hornets on the Internets: Jarvis Hayes, Jarvish Shmayes Edition

Let's start off with Jarvis Hayes. Rumored to be one of the Hornets' top targets for the offseason, the New Jersey Nets snapped him up yesterday. Yahoo! Sports has the report: Hayes met with New...

Hornets on the Internets: Jim Eichenhofer is the Savior Edition

I've fallen a little bit very behind with the draft workout process. The Hornets have continued to bring in many prospects, and thankfully, Jim Eichenhofer has continued his coverage of it. We last...

Hornets on the Internets: Pargo Opting Out Edition

The news is coming fast and furious now that draft workouts have begun. Jim Eichenhofer has some great question and answers with yesterday's participants. I found this response by Arkansas G Sonny...

Hornets on the Internets

We haven't yet learned the official workout schedule, but 2TheAdvocate reports that the Hornets will hold 4 workouts on Tuesday. Hopefully we bring in everybody we possibly can- that list should...

Hornets on the Internets

I can't even remember the last time I did a 'Hornets on the Internets', but it's time to bring back that treasure from our past, that pointlessly hyped excuse for a mundane link dump, that...

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